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Design and Plant Mixed Borders by Noel Kingsbury

Flower Garden Designs by Penelope Hophouse


Gardening with Color by Sunset Publishing - copy 1


Gardening with Color by Sunset Publishing - copy 2

Gardens by Design by Peter Loewer


Hillside Landscaping by Sunset Publishing, 2002


Landscaping with Herbs by Jim Wilson


Landscaping Illustrated by Sunset Publishing


Landscaping with Nature by Jeff Cox


Landscaping with Stone by Marianne Liparovich


Making the Most of Your Backyard by Sunset Publishing


Plants for Natural Gardens by Judith Philllips


The Big Book of Kitchen Gardens by Time Life Publishers


The Damp Garden by Beth Chatto


The Natural Habitat Garden by K.Druse & M Roach


Planting Green Roofs and Living Walls by N.Dunnett & N. Kingsburry 2004


Patio, Roofs and Gazebos with Sunset by Don Vandervort 2002


Tauntons Landscaping Ideas That Work by J.M.Messeruy  2013


Edible Landscaping second entry, see Veg. by Rosalind Creasy


Pots, Containers and Window Boxes (2 copies) Gay Search  1997 & Barnes and Noble Press


Edible Landscaping by Rosalind Creasy 2010  

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