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There are many benefits to joining the Southern California Garden Club, these are just a few:

  • Monthly Green Thumb Newsletter

  • Access to Garden Club Library

  • Garden and Floral Design Tips

  • Discount on Horticulture Classes

  • Monthly Meetings with Guest Lecturers

  • Access to Pacific Region, State and National Garden Clubs

  • Discount at Many Local Garden Stores

  • Monthly Workshop

  • Exclusive Field Trips 

  • and Much More!!!

For some it means the actual gardening, hands in the soil, body in the sun and vision of color and fragrance and form.

To some it means the use of flowers as a medium of artistic expression.

To some it means an opportunity to serve their community by turning the ugly places in to beauty spots.

To a few, it means the challenge of leadership and personal ability in group work.

To a very few, it is meaningless, a name on the membership list and a sometime attendance.

But to many it means making friends, meeting with old and mingling with the new.

Garden Club work is as complex as the unfolding of a rose and as simple as the face of a daisy.

It is educational. It is scientific. It is a way of life.

-Prepared for The Oregon State Federation of Garden Clubs Membership Expo
By: Gaye Stewart, Oregon State President

Benefits of Membership

The Meaning of Garden Club Work

Come for the knowledge and stay for the friendship!

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