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SCGC Book List

Vines & Climbers

Clematis and Climbers by David Gardner  2007


Gardening with Ground covers and Vines by Allen Lacy   1993



All About Roses by Dr. Tommy Cairns


Climbing Roses by Christopher Warner


Colorful World of Roses by Xenia Field


Successful Rose Gardening by Douglas Jimerson


History of the Rose by R. Shepard 1954


100 Old Roses for the American Garden by Clair Martin Smith and Hawken   1999


Bulbs & Ferns

Amaryllis by Star Oekenga


Beautiful Bulbs by Brennan & Luebermann


Bulbs by American Horticultural Society Publisher


The Complete Book of Bulbs by Marhew & Swindells


The Outdoor Potted Bulb by Rob Proctor


The Fern Dictionary by Wilbur Olsen


Orchids & Perennials

Orchids for the South by Jack Kramer


Orchids Simplified by Henry Jaworski


The International  Book of Orchids by P. Francis Hunt


Gardener's Guide to Growing Orchids by Wilma & Brian Rittershausen


Perennial Garden Color by William Welch


Perennials by James Crockett


Perennials by Susan Bales


The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Perennials by Marshall Craigmyle


Perennial Combinations by C. Celston Burrel Rodale Press 1999


The Perennial Garden by Jeff and Marilyn Cox


Sunset Perennials…A Year of Color and Beauty by Sunset Books  1999


Rodale's Successful Organic Gardening: Perennials by Rodale Press 1993


Cactus & Succulents

Cacti and Succulents by American Horticulture Society Publisher


Decorative Cacti by Rudolf Subik


South African Aloes by Barbara Jeppe


The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Succulents and Cacti by G. Rowley


The Punctured Thumb by George Ashley


Sunset Cactus and Succulents from editors of Sunset 1991 techniques


Succulent Container Gardens by Debra Baldwin 2010


Designing with Succulents by Debra Baldwin 2007


Succulents Simplified by Debra Baldwin 2013


Sages & Australian Plants

The Sage Garden by Ann LoveJoy


The New Book of Salvias by Betsy Clebsch 2003       


Australian Native Plants by Golden Guide Books


Flowering Shrubs & Trees

Flowering Shrubs by Golden Press 1983


The Book of Trees by William Grimm


The Essentials of Bonsai by Ed. Of Shufunatomo


The Simple Act of Planting a Tree by Andy and Katie Lipkis


Time Life Books: Trees by James Crockett


Time Life Books: Evergreens by James Crockett


Trees by Alan J. Coombes


Oak, The Frame of Civilization by William B. Logan


Taylor's 50 Best Trees editor Francis Tenenbaum Houghton Mifflin Co


A Californian's Guide to the Trees Among Us by Matt Ritter 2011


Exceptional Trees of Los Angeles by Donald Hodel 1988


Fruits & Vegetables

Growing Fruit in Your Backyard by Lee Reich


The Complete Book of Fruit by Dick Pijpers


Tomatoes by American Horticultural Society Books


Vegetables by American Horticultural Society Books


The Big Book of Kitchen Gardens by Time Life Books


All About Vegetables-Growing Them without a Vegetable Garden by Chevron edited by Walter Doty


Edible Landscaping by Rosalind Creasy 2010


Sunset Western Garden Book of Edibles by Lane Publishing 2010


Taylor's Guide to Vegetables and Herbs by Houghton Mifflin Co 1987 

(isbn 0-395-43092-5)


Additional Interesting Books

Roberts Rules of Order by 11th edition 2011


A Gardener's Latin by Richard Bird


Encyclopedia of Organic Gardening by Rodale Press from Organic Garden Magazine


Golden Poppies by Gioge Lepp 2004


Growing North America's Favorite Plants by Deen Day Smith


Encyclopedia of Judging and Exhibiting by Esther Hamel 1982


Living Plants of the World by Lorus & Margery Milne


Living with Plants by Donna Schumann


Place That Plant by Frances Welland


75 Great American Garden Plants by William Barrick


Plants for Southern California Homes by MWD


Table Settings for All Seasons by June Wood & Deen Day Smith


The Garden Book by John Brookes


Southern California Gardens-A History by Victoria Padilla   1961 copy 1 & 2


The California Gardener's Book of Lists by Catherine Yronwode and Eileen Smith 1998


Horticulture Exhibiting and Judging Supplement to NGCI Handbook for Flower Shows 2012


Handbook for Flower Shows Copy 1 by National Garden Clubs, Inc. 2017

Handbook for Flower Shows Copy 2 by National Garden Clubs, Inc. 2017


California Gardener's Resource by Bruce and Sharon Asakawa 2009


A Garden Gallery Artistic Pictorial of Gardens by George Little & David

Lewis donated by Evie France


The Big Book of Garden Design by Time Life Books (isbn 0-7835-5280-7)


Treasury of Gardening by multi authors 2000 (isbn0-7853-4488-8)


Botany for Gardeners: An Introduction and GuideBrian by Capon 1990


Nature's Best Hope: New approach to Conservation in yard by Douglas Tallamy  2019


Animals & Birds

The Story of Chester the Monarch Butterfly by Susie Vanderlip a children's book September 2022


An Introduction to Southern California Birds by Herbert Clarke 2007 Mountain

Press (isbn 0-87842-233-1)


Attracting Birds, Butterflies and other Backyard Wildlife by National Wildlife Federation & David Mizejewski


An Illustrated Guide to Attracting Birds by Susan Warton


NGC Guide to Butterflies (2 copies printedIn bright green folders, printed from website)


The Gardeners Butterfly Book by Alan Brankagen, National Home Garden Club


The Insect Guide by Ralph & SuZan Swain 1948


Butterfly Gardening for the South by Geyata Ajilvsgi


Water Wise

Reimaging the California Lawn by Bornstein, Fross, O'Brien 2011


Sunset Backyard Style-Waterwise IdeasSunset Publishers 2015 Kathleen Brenzel 


Care and Maintenance of S. California Native Plant Gardens by Bart  O'Brian  copy 1 & 2


Selected California Native Plants in Color by Sovatuga Horticulture Society


Sunset: Waterwise Gardening by Sunset Publishing 1991


The Dry Garden by Mark Rumarg Wayside Gardens 1995


Pretty Tough Plants by experts of Plant Select 2015


Wild Suburbia: Learn to Garden with Native Plants by Barbara Eisenstein 2016


Waterwise Gardening by Sunset Publishers, 1990

Rose Bush

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