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Landscape Design School

Series 28

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Southern California Garden Club invites you to attend the National Garden Clubs Landscape Design School.  This is a series of four ten-hour courses offered by National Garden Clubs since 1958.  This is the 28th series given in California. Courses are designed to stimulate interest in all phases of landscape design and to develop greater appreciation, pride and knowledge about residential, public and historic gardens. 

2024 Course Dates

1st Course - June 21 & 22 

2nd Course - July 12 & 13 

3rd Course - July 26 & 27     

4th Course - August 9 & 10


Valley Park Baptist Church

16514 Nordhoff Street

North Hills, CA 91343

Wild Flowers
Landscape Architecture

Lecture Topics by Course


Learning about Your Ecosystem

Space, Design and People

Principles and Elements of Landscape Design

Developing Your Garden Plan

Basics of a Site Plan

Color in the Landscape

Design for the Environment

Development of Landscape Design:

Ancient Times to 1840

Xeriscaping: Not Just for the Desert

Supplemental Subject (TBD)


Landscape Design Process

Designing for Pollinators and Wildlife

Plants in the Landscape

Accessible, Enabling and Therapeutic Gardens

Structures in the Landscape

Redesign of Areas

Development of North American Landscape Design

Preservation of Historic Sites & Structures

Overused, Often Invasive Plants &

Native Alternatives in Your Area

Supplemental Subject (TBD)


Contemporary Landscape Design Trends

Community Participation in Landscaping Projects

History and Development of Community Gardens

Suburban Design

Guidelines for Evaluating Landscape Design of

Residential, Public and Commercial Property

Evaluations of Landscape Designs

Supplemental Subject (TBD)


Landscape Design Process

Woody Plants in the Landscape

Herbaceous Materials in the Landscape

Landscape Design with Maintenance in Mind

Graphics Interpretation

Creating Your Own Home Garden Landscaping Plan

Supplemental Subject (TBD)

Course Details

National Garden Clubs, Inc. established a series of four

courses on landscape design in order to develop a

greater appreciation of the environment, both natural

and manmade, for its members. Course content is

established by National Garden Clubs, Inc. (NGC).


The Landscape Design Schools (LDS) are designed to:

  • Develop a greater sense of appreciation, pride and

       knowledge about our private, public and historic


  • Promote positive changes in our surroundings to

       encourage beauty, utility, convenience, sound

       ecological practice and ease of maintenance.

  • Encourage better understanding of the landscape

       design process to promote landscapes that will

       sustain sound management

  • Stimulate interest in all phases of landscape design, including community planning.

  • Develop a contingent of qualified Landscape Design Consultants to serve in such decision-making areas of public life as providing leadership, educational programs, scholarships, awards & promoting better landscape design.


Courses may be taken in any order. Each course

consists of ten hours of instruction, which may include

field trips and tours to related locations. Open

book/open note exams are offered for those wishing to

become NGC Accredited Consultants. After passing

two Landscape Design School courses, a student

becomes a Provisional Consultant and may join a

Landscape Design Council -- a group that provides

programs and tours that further the education of its

members. Garden club members who complete all four

courses with a passing grade on every exam within

seven years become Landscape Design Consultants,

which is recognized as a special achievement among

NGC members... but does not convey professional

status. To remain in Good Standing, every five years

Landscape Design Consultants must continue their

education by attending a Refresher or a LD School

Course – no exam is required. After a Consultant’s

fourth refresher, the Consultant becomes a Master

Consultant. Consultants or Master Consultants may

earn refresher credit only once within a calendar year.


Application & Contact Information

For detailed LDS course information please download the application here or visit the National Garden Clubs website at

You may also reach the local LDS Chairman at or

(323) 708-4114.

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