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Urban Garden


Allergy Free Gardening by Thomas Ogren


Color Garden by Malcolm Hilliers 1995 DK Press


Cottage Gardens by Phillip Edinger


Noah's Garden by Sara Stein


Potted Gardens by Rebecca Cole


The Country Garden by Charlie Ryrie


The Free Spirited Garden by Susan McClure


The Japanese Art of Miniature Trees and


Landscapes by Yuji Yoshimura

The New American Backyard by Kim Medic


The Tranquil Garden by Kay Fairfax


Perennial Garden Plants by Gram Stewart Thomas  1976


The Perennial Garden by Jeff and Marilyn Cox

Sunset Perennials A Year of Color and Beauty by Sunset Publishing 1994  with waterwise info


Sunset Annuals and Perennials by Lane Publishers  1992


Encyclopedia of Ornamental Grasses by J.Greenlee & Rodale Press, 2000


Lawns and Ground covers by James Underwood Crockett 


Time-Life Books


The Small Garden (oversize book section) by John Brookes Gallery Books 1989

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